Crane Wealth Management Group, LLC is a planning firm servicing high net worth individuals, high income professionals, senior level executives, and business owners.  Since 1987 upon graduation from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst,  Tom has established  a high level of experience in four complementary markets:  life insurance and wealth transfer, corporate and executive benefits; investments; financial planning and investment advisory services.

Life Insurance and Wealth Transfer

Effective wealth management strategies address the important role that insurance plays in preserving and transferring wealth.  Our clients have access to not only our experience base in developing customized plans, but also from the size and scale of our parent company National Financial Partners Corp.  Crane Wealth Management leverages it's relationships with insurance carriers and asset management companies to ensure oul clientscan choose from an array of solutions to their unique and complex needs.  We have access to information on more than 400 life insurance companies, enabling side-by-side comparisons and product rate comparisons.

Underwriting Advocacy Resources

CWMG's Underwriting Advocacy Program provides consultation services in an effort to ensure the most  favorable underwriting offers for our clients.  Our Underwriting Advocates are familiar with all aspects of life insurance underwriting and are able to anticipate and proactively address potential obstacles to efficient processing and favorable pricing.  For our clients, this can mean a favorable negotiating edge, lower costs, and greater benefits.

Integrated Investments and Advisory Services

Kestra Investment Services, LLC. is ranked as one of the nation's top broker dealers, ranked by Investment Advisor, 2016 by gross revenue. Through Kestra Investmnent Services, LLC we have access to leading investment companies and offer a broad range of products and services, including:  Trust Services, Investment and Advisory Services, Retirement Solutions, Education Funding, Asset Allocation and Optimization Strategies.

Employee Benefits

We have access to an extensive portfolio of products, resources and technologies.  These solutions enable our corporate clients to deliver customized employee benefit solutions that encompass: Medical, Dental, Group Life, Short and long term disability, Individual, executive, and group qualified long-term care insurance.

Professional Partnerships

As a trusted advisor, your clients often look to you for recommendations and referrals beyond the scope of your specific area of expertise.  CWMG's Professional Partnerships helps you to leverage the relationships that you have built by expanding the range of financial services and solutionsthat yhou offer to clients, while maintaining your independence and objectivity.  CWMG is committed to forming strategic alliancdes that provide CPAs with access to a high level of experience in the implementation of insurance, investment and corporate benefit recommendations.